XML Document Conversion

XML Document Conversion

XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language. XML plays a big role in the internet, especially in the way data is stored and displayed. Data integration and data exchange are the key features of xml. XML is a cross-platform software and hardware independent tool for transmitting information. XML document conversion is a way of tagging data that can be made more easily available to websites. XML allows the user to create his own tags which actually relate to his content and his own document structure. XML conversion makes a document well formed and can be used across platforms. Data converted to xml is portable and can be shared across a number of platforms and environments.


Major differences between HTML and XML are:

Advantages of XML Document Conversion

Some of the areas that will benefit immensely as a result of XML document conversion are

I Tech Zone-XML Document Conversion

Large quantities of digital and paper legacy data has to be converted to xml. Conversion of legacy data has added fuel to the rapid growth of xml document conversion. Data conversion to xml has become a solution for internet publishing and content management. The xml document conversion process is tedious and complex and requires cumbersome tagging process. The major barrier in xml document conversion is the time and expense required to convert the existing data to xml. However this can be overcome by the skilled and competitive xml professionals available in india, trained in xml document conversion.

Irrespective of the current data format I Tech Zone offers xml document conversion with best value proposition. Some of the xml document conversion services available at I Tech Zone are:

Schema design and development

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