Data Entry Projects
Outsourcing Data Entry Projects

Outsourcing data entry projects to India is a smart and cost effective solution. In the west, Attorneys and Certified Public Accountants (CPA) are saving a lot in time and money by outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping to India. Similarly outsourcing bibliography to India, too is gaining momentum in the western Universities and Research institutes, as this eliminates hassles and saves precious resources for other core activities.

I Tech Zone-Data Entry Services

I Tech Zone-the BPO firm in India-provides professional data entry services. Data entry projects are carried out in a highly confidential environment, and the data entry operators are well informed on the importance of confidentiality. These data entry operators can speak english well and can work on a keyboard quite efficiently. They have got the skills to enter any type of data, develop and update database and can handle huge data at high speeds.

Data Entry Projects-Accuracy and Delivery

I Tech Zone has earned a reputation for its quality back office services. It follows double keying and double comparing methods in its data entry projects to deliver 99.995% accuracy level. Deadlines are met strictly. Overnight delivery is possible at many instances.

Range of Data Entry Services

Wide range of data entry projects are handled at I Tech Zone. Data can be captured from printed, scanned images and online to perform data entry services.

Kindly contact I Tech Zone to outsource your data entry projects.